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Bombshell Culture is more than a salon and spa; it's a sanctuary of self-expression and transformation. Founded by owner Sarah, whose unexpected journey led her to this vibrant venture, Bombshell Culture redefines beauty standards.

Our team of skilled artisans doesn't just focus on color matches, but on understanding which clients are best suited for our services and which stylist can serve them most effectively.

 We believe that every individual deserves a tailored experience that reflects their unique personality and aspirations. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to creating a community of confidence and creativity,

Bombshell Culture is where you'll discover a beauty that's as unique as you are.

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At Bombshell Culture, we've cultivated an environment where creativity thrives, and clients feel seen, valued, and understood. Beyond hair and beauty treatments, we're dedicated to curating an experience that transcends the ordinary. It's a place where you can expect to leave not only looking beautiful, but feeling authentically yourself. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to creating a community of confidence and creativity, Bombshell Culture is where you'll discover a beauty that's as unique as you are.

Our salon is more than a service; it's a journey of self-discovery. Our artisans collaborate with you to bring out your unique beauty, whether you're seeking a dramatic transformation or a subtle enhancement. Welcome to Bombshell Culture, where we don't just make you look stunning, we help you feel it too.

the owner and founder of bombshell culture

Sarah's journey into the world of entrepreneurship began as a distraction, a diversion from life's complexities. A single mother of two and an army brat accustomed to constant movement, settling in one place was never easy.  At first, the idea of owning her own salon seemed implausible, a resounding "NO WAY!" Yet, for two years, she owned a studio suite, cherishing the independence but missing the camaraderie of a team.

One day, passing by a vacant space, she inquired, sought advice, and meticulously planned every detail, guided by a senior class project layout on salon establishment. The landlord believed in her dream. Little did she know the scope of what lay ahead.

This journey has been a revelation, a profound self-discovery for Sarah. She has learned the art of setting boundaries, navigating the nuances between black, white, and gray areas, and honing the skills of leadership. There were moments when perseverance from her support system wouldn't let her quit, and now, she stands as an integral part of the community. Bombshell Culture is not just a business—it's a testament to her resilience, a beacon in her ever-evolving story.


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"In a fast moving world, we must learn to stop time any way we can" - unknown


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Sarah and her staff are amazing! I love coming here. Every time I visit the salon the staff make me feel at home and are great with my 3 year old who usually has to accompany me. Sarah always makes my hair look amazing and is willing to answer any questions I have. I will never visit any other salon!


First visit, I was very anxious, and everything was awesome!! Made me feel at home, like I'd been a client for years. So satisfied with everything. Beautiful space.. and Sarah was so determined to make my hair right!!! And she did!!!.... client for life!!! Amazing results · Last-minute appointments · Expert colouring!


I went to Bombshell after losing my hairstylist of 19 years to an out-of-state move. Sarah and her team eased my fears and far exceeded my expectations! I’m so happy Beavercreek has a new, creative, independent business to support. Sarah is clearly passionate about her salon and her work, and it shows. Thank you!


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 Bombshell Culture offers gift cards that are the epitome of indulgence and self-care. Whether it's a special occasion or just a thoughtful gesture, our gift cards unlock a world of beauty and relaxation. Treat your friends, family, or colleagues to a truly memorable experience at Bombshell Culture. It's a gift that goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring they'll leave feeling rejuvenated and radiating confidence.

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